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Avery Township Property Taxes

SUMMER tax bills are generated on July 1st and due on or before September 14th of each year. After that date, a 1% per month interest is levied by law. The date is adjusted when it falls on a weekend or holiday in any given year.

WINTER tax bills are generated on December 1st and due on or before February 14th of the following year. The date is adjusted when it falls on a weekend or a holiday. On MARCH 1st of each year, the tax rolls go to the county for collection.

Please send all CURRENT (this year) tax payments to the following address:

Avery Township Treasurer
P. O. Box 728
Atlanta, Michigan 49709

For current property tax amounts or general questions about current property tax, please contact:

Robin J. Ross, Township Treasurer
PHONE: (989) 306-5492
EMAIL: avery.township@gmail.com

For DELINQUENT property tax information (previous years), please call the Montmorency County Treasurer at (989) 785-8086.


Principal Residence Affidavit

Disabled Veterans Affidavit

Property Transfer Affidavit

Property Tax Exception Application

The Principal Residence Affidavit must be completed and submitted to the ASSESSOR in order to qualify for this exemption (formerly known as homestead) on your taxes. The due date is June 1st for the summer bills and November lst for the winter bills.

The Disabled Veterans Affidavit must be completed and submitted to the ASSESSOR to qualify for veterans exemption. You will also have to include a copy of your yearly entitlement letter. This is not to be completed until after January 1st but before December 1st.

The Property Transfer Affidavit must be submitted to the ASSESSOR whenever property changes ownership. This is mandated by law. If you have an attorney, realtor, mortgage or title insurance company handling your property transfer, they will most likely submit this form.

The Board of Review meets during the week of the second Monday of March each year. The exact date will be available on or about February 20th.

Allan Berg
P.O. Box 25, Rogers City, MI 49779
PHONE: (989) 734-3555
EMAIL: info@assessingoffice.com
WEBSITE: www.assessingoffice.com

Please contact the Assessor by phone or email with questions on any of the above referenced exemptions. Address changes for mailing of taxes and documentation of ownership change should also be mailed or emailed to the Assessor's office with a brief explanation of changes.

The March Board of Review Petition Form can be dowloaded here:

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