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Township Board and Committees:

The Avery Township Board meets on the first Tuesday of the month at 6:00 p.m. unless that day is a holiday or an election day, in which case the meeting will be held on the first business day following.

Township Board:
Thom Seymour, Supervisor, 989-785-3929, tseymour_99@yahoo.com
Ann Seymour, Clerk, 989-785-3929, avery.township@yahoo.com
Jean Angell, Treasurer, 989-785-2398, keyangell@gmail.com
Dawn Dobbyn, Trustee
Gary McMurphy, Trustee

Other Township Officials:
Assessor: Allan Berg, 989-734-3555
Deputy Clerk: Robin Ross
Deputy Treasurer: Don Angell
Presque Isle Electric and Gas Liaison: Gary McMurphy
Sexton: Dane Englehart
Township Maintenance: Kurt Englehart
Zoning Administrator: Kathy Podzikowski, 989-786-4287, lewmoonie07@gmail.com

Planning Commission:
Members: Dawn Dobbyn, Diane Struzik, Claude Conn, Brenda Birchmeyer, Robin Ross
Meetings: quarterly

Zoning Board of Appeals:
Members: Jean Angell, 1 vacancy, Alternate: Gary McMurphy
Zoning Board of Appeals is called as needed.

Board of Review:
Members: Denise Barone, Nancy Mantz and Judy Glandon

Tri-Township Fire Board:
Meeting dates: 2nd Tuesday of the month
Township representatives: Dawn Dobbyn, Lulabelle Mulholland

Ambulance Board:
Meeting dates: 3rd Tuesday of the month, 6 p.m.
Township representatives: Thom Seymour, Robin Ross

Airport Board:
Meeting dates: 2nd Thursday of the month
Township representatives: Jean Angell, Don Angell

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